Where do I get Started?

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Our goal at Premier Central Services is to get you certified and employed through our course that is the highest quality and the fastest way to learn. Our courses are taken on any device and in your spare time. There are no deadlines. You can become certified in as little as four weeks. Our Central Sterile Processing Technician training is quick and hassle-free. Everything you need is the Premier Central Services course, and it is designed to be easy to learn and user-friendly. If you are unhappy in your present career or would like an increase in pay this Central Service Certification Course is just for you!

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How long will it take?

One of the greatest benefits of sterile processing technician career is that schooling requires only a small amount of time to become certified. Sterile Processing certificate or diploma programs can be completed in less than a month when aided by an accelerated course like offered by Premier Central Services in-home study course. You can, however, take longer as your schedule permits.

What will I be learning?

You will study different subjects such as surgical instruments physiology, terminology, anatomy, infection control, microbiology, sterilization practices, procedures, decontamination practices and procedures, medical equipment, surgical terminology and interpersonal skills during the program. The central sterile processing technician training courses are comprehensive and easy to understand even if you don’t hold a medical degree. Thus, you will graduate easily, provided you work hard.

Once I Certify as a Central Sterile Processing Technician, what will I be doing?

Depending on the hospital that hires you, some responsibilities vary from one another. However, in general, you will be required to clean and sterilize surgical instruments and devices as well as assemble and test equipment. You also might be ordering, packaging and storing supplies. When you are hired as a Central Sterile Processing Technician, you open the door to many other health care industry jobs.

Is there a demand for Central Sterile Processing Technician jobs?

Job growth is estimated at 14 percent between 2018 and 2022. Techs can expect a healthy career outlook due to a growing and aging population, as well as increased access to health insurance; there is a greater demand for healthcare services.

How much can I earn as a Central Sterile Processing Technician?

Considering the small amount of training that is needed to become a sterile processing tech, the earning potential within the field is excellent. In 2017, an average sterile processing technician salary was $35,000 for a full year of work. And the top ten percent of earners—which are likely the most experienced—brought in $50,000.

There are also other factors that can raise your earning potential. The work setting can determine your pay level. Central sterile processing technicians who worked in outpatient care centers, state-owned hospitals, and specialty hospitals had average annual salaries exceeding $36,000 in 2017. And the top earners were bringing in $56,000 or more.

Can I expect to earn more?

Like we mentioned, once you are working as a sterile processing technician and have acquired several years of experience, you could find different opportunities to advance your career. And those advances could come with large pay increases. According to 2017 data, becoming a sterile processing supervisor can mean earning an average annual salary of $41,000. And sterile processing manager jobs can come with an average salary of $68,000.

How much does the In-home Study Course Cost?

The Premier Central Services Sterile Processing Technician Certification Course only costs $499.00. Taking our course will ensure you are certified quickly and that you pass the test! Most sterile processing tech jobs now require you to have a certificate. But some might require industry certification even though only four states require certification. So along with enhancing your employment opportunities, and increasing your pay, obtaining a certification is a great way to demonstrate your professional abilities. Central Sterile Processing Certification Course.

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