As a young person in my early teens, I had absolutely no idea what career I wanted to pursue, I had no direction and no motivation. If it wasn’t for one thoughtful person who gave me a chance and offered me the opportunity of a lifetime, I’m not sure where I would have ended up. Some young teens aren’t fortunate enough to have this person in their lives, they have no role models or goals.

This person or community can be extremely valuable in a young teens life. Realizing what I have become and what I could have become, I have decided now as an adult, I want to help change this dynamic. I am attempting to help create a program for New Dorp H.S students to help them get an early start on a career in healthcare. With the help of staff at New Dorp H.S, and staff at Staten Island University Hospital, I hope to develop a progressive 4-year program that provides students with the essential tools needed to begin a career in healthcare.

This externship program will provide material, training, insight, education, and job skills that otherwise would be difficult to obtain without prior job experience and education. This program will allow students to shadow employees, and network with healthcare professionals at SIUH. Together we can give high school students the tools and information needed for them to succeed and thrive.

Being in my mid-twenties and having a younger brother, I feel like I can relate to young teens better than their teachers and their parents. Too many young people are uneducated, unemployed, and undetermined with no guidance and direction.

The school system can’t do it alone. I want to help guide these young people, just how I was guided. I have accumulated too much knowledge and too many contacts in this field to not help my community. I will be speaking at the Math and Science Institute at New Dorp High School in the Fall in regards to careers in healthcare.

I will be handing out literature and brochures pertaining to different schools, certifications, and careers to choose from. Hopefully, I can unite the appropriate people and we can collectively create this program.

“And there are much bigger issues in the world I know, but I first had to take care of the world I know”

JAY-Z, Kingdom Come

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