The Central Sterile Processing Department, or CSPD plays a crucial role in the promotion of patient safety, especially in the operating rooms in healthcare facilities. Charged with the responsibility of ensuring that all equipment, medical devices, and consumables required by doctors to carry out procedures in the operating room are sterile, the department is critical in the accomplishment of patient safety (Sastry, 2017). According to Hyq (2013), surgical site infections account for up to 17% of the nosocomial infections in surgical patients. Such means that being responsible for maintaining the sterility of surgical equipment and other medical devices, the department promotes patient safety, which in turn, is a reflection of the enhanced quality of care in any given facility. Through the advancement of patient safety, CSPD plays a vital role in the reduction of cost of care incurred by facilities and patients due to hospital-acquired infections through the use of contaminated devices, especially in the operating room.

Central Sterile Processing

Only with proper education and quality technicians, can a healthcare facility attain a coordinated and organized CSPD. The importance of education in CSP cannot be understated. If technicians aren’t given the proper tools, information, and resources, errors will be common. Proper tools, in-services, leadership and support will all help eliminate chances of errors in CSPD. CSP technicians have a multifaceted role in their departments, and play a crucial role in ensuring all instruments and equipment are free of pathogens that may compromise the safety of patients.

William DeLuca, January 2018


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Stephen Heet ~ Director, Physician Contracting at Baptist Health Medical Group, Inc. – Central Sterile Processing is where I began my healthcare career years ago. I will never lose sight of the importance of this department and the dedication of the people within it, who often go unappreciated from their key customers. I remember those days grinding away in “Decontam” where case carts of bloodborne pathogens were common tossed in with an occasional scalpel or suture needle you had to dodge. This is where I developed most of my work ethic, intrinsic motivation, and understanding to attention to detail.

Elena Lorenzo Marfil ~ INFECTION CONTROL MANAGER MATACHANA – Direct and very clear article on Central Sterile Processing! This re-definition of the important role of CSSD departments from the point of view of patient safety, is more simple and didactic that the traditional concept of reprocessing unit where several ordered and aseptic steps must be developed… For sure I will use this article in all my prefaces for next seminars. Please, follow writing with that clear style!

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