Central Sterile Technician Training opens up windows of opportunities for the students. The Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST) upon successful completion of the study program provides support to all areas of patient care. Their responsibility is to ensure laboratory and healthcare equipment are sterilized properly. Students who wish to work at ambulatory centers or hospitals should consider joining this course. Here, you can get the guidance, learning about all the related aspects such as taking national exams, clinical exposure, and resume writing. 

What does CRCST include? 

Processing technicians or CRCST professionals have a vital role to play when it comes to inventory, functionality, and the cleanliness of various medical instruments used in the healthcare sector. The nurses and doctors are able to get their hands on any germ-free equipment they want immediately. The technicians have deep knowledge of infection control and microbiology along with principles and good practices of decontamination procedures and sterile processing. Additionally, CRCST professionals maintain records of the equipment that has been sterilized.

Benefits of the course 

The central sterile course prepares you on the methods of cleaning, disinfecting, and distributing the sterilized equipment for emergency departments, delivery, labor unit, operating rooms, and the ICU. You examine medical equipment for defects and report problems to staff, order and distribute supplies, test autoclaves, record results, ensure sterile supplies are within their expiration date, and assemble instrument trays. 

Course Material

You will study different subjects such as surgical instruments physiology, terminology, anatomy, infection control, microbiology, sterilization practices, procedures, decontamination practices and procedures, medical equipment, surgical terminology, and interpersonal skills during the program. 

Job Availability 

The Projected Job Growth (2020-2030) is 9% for CRCST professionals, thus finding gainful employment is easy. Upon successful completion of the Central Sterile course, you will get jobs at dental clinics, plastic surgery units, vision care centers, hospitals, and laboratories. The average median salary for this role is $33,330 per month.

Certification Hours 

Central Sterile course offers varying credit hours that range from 36-60 hours. Additionally, you need to take 400 hours of hands-on clinical practice to complete the program. central sterile technician training