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Premier Central Services was established in 2015. It began as a brick-and-mortar course in Somerset, NJ, and has grown and evolved over the years into a more flexible online self-study course. Premier Central Services was created with efficiency and quality in mind. The goal isn’t for students to be stuck in a classroom for six months to a year completing the course work. We want our students is to obtain a job in Sterile Processing and quickly start a career in healthcare. In addition to providing training, we offer personalized mentoring to our students. Thus they are fully prepared as they enter this new profession.

Students from all across the US choose us because they know that we prioritize their goals ahead of ours. The Premier Central team genuinely does everything and anything we can to help our students succeed and ultimately gain employment.

About the Owner


William, the owner of Premier Central Processing, has over 12 years of experience in Sterile Processing. He started this company simply because he saw a need for high quality and affordable Sterile Processing training course. Central Sterile Processing is an obscure field, so many people don’t know anything about Sterile Processing until someone introduces it to them. I think that’s unfortunate because the occupation itself has so many benefits. Being a certified center processing technician offers good pay and many growth opportunities. Some additional benefits are union benefits, health benefits, paid time off, flexibility, and an overall sense of gratification knowing that you play a vital part in caring for someone’s health.

Our mission is to help as many students become a certified central sterile technician and gain employment as quickly as possible.

Our goal is for students to complete their training at a pace they are comfortable with and go on to obtain a job in Sterile Processing and start their career in healthcare.

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